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Javicko known professionally as JavickoKing on his social media, is an Ecuadorian reggaetón singer and songwriter.

From an early age, Javier developed a keen interest in the film and music field. He began seeking his career at the age of eleven. Surrounded by various genres such as reggae, rap, bachata and salsa he became inspired to develop his own style. Along the way Javier got involved in acting, as it seemed to always come across throughout various school events, local shows, etc. which later resulted in getting him noticed. At the age of seventeen, Javier permanently relocated to Texas, United States with his family. Over the next 10 years he continued to work between United States and Ecuador developing his own style that would later define his music career.

After meeting a fellow reggaetón singer in 2008, duo “Javicko y Fito” was born. Most of the music was produced in the form of compilation. They created and released several tracks featuring many songs written by Javier, including El Juego Del Amor and Esclavo de tu Ausencia Soon after “Javicko y Fito” released their single El Juego Del Amor. Shortly after two full-length albums came to life “Clase de Talento” and “Los Mejores Ritmos”. During that time, they performed throughout United States opening up for Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, J Alvarez, Teo Calderon.

In 2014 year, Javier moved forward and created brand “Javicko”. He released his first solo single Toma mi mano and by the fourth song Carnaval he was able to get over 100 Million plays in SoundCloud.

Over a period of time, Javier picked up some acting opportunities and was also noticed by Icon Studios, which resulted in modeling campaigns for Fruit of the Loom and Men Suits. Shortly after he was offered a supporting role as an extra, double and standing in the TV Show “Chase” where he had mastered his acting skills as well as gained knowledge about filmmaking process which inspired him to move forward in the entertainment business.

Javier got selected for the leading role in the following movies: “Jacob’s Eye”, “Private Targets” by Gugu E. Michaels and “Secuestro” by Carlos Alva.

Javier aspires to achieve enthusiastic respect and success on a worldwide level and wants to spread awareness around the world. Through his creativity and voice, he would like to prompt a social change while still entertaining. Javier knows every aspect of the industry, but also realizes how much potential and magic it contains when it is taken to a different level all together. He wants to change the way of thinking and broaden the knowledge with respect to Latin American culture on a global scale through composing, rehearsing, performing, recording and distributing his music.

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